Multi-channel airtightness detector

                    The multi-channel air tightness testing device is characterized by air tightness testing of one, two or more products at a time, IPX waterproof level detection, suitable for large-volume testing, online automated air tightness testing.


                    Multi-channel airtightness testing equipment is used as the mainstream airtightness, sealing, waterproofing, and leakage detecting equipment. The compressed air is used as the testing medium to achieve non-destructive waterproofing, sealing and air tightness testing.

                    Its remarkable feature is to realize simultaneous detection of multiple products, commonly known as multi-station air tightness testing equipment, alias multi-channel air tightness detector.

                    The multi-channel airtightness detector is controlled by a 10-inch touch screen, which is intuitive and easy to operate, easy to set up, simple and intelligent.

                    Perfectly display various parameters of air tightness detection, such as intake pressure, test pressure, voltage regulation time, test time and so on. With the ability to simultaneously detect two, three, four or more products, it has the advantage of improving the detection efficiency, and can also achieve automatic air tightness detection.

                    The SLA series (multi-channel air tightness testing equipment) can be completed in only 4 stages (ie, inflation phase -> voltage stabilization phase -> test phase -> decision phase), and the test is completed in 3 seconds. Its performance is the same as that of industrial-grade airtightness testing equipment, but its detection efficiency has been greatly improved.

                    The Hilido channel hermetic testing equipment has the ability to simultaneously detect multiple products, especially for high-volume air tightness testing needs.

                    1. The stored test information can be stored on the USB disk, or can be transmitted to the computer through the network cable, and a built-in storage device has a quantity of information of up to 100,000.

                    2. It has an input/output interface for peripheral execution unit (or PLC) connection; it realizes self-contained air tightness detection and waterproof detection. It has a good docking capability for applications in automated production lines.

                    3, the unique SI2.0 algorithm, coupled with hardware support, is sufficient to deal with the impact of environmental changes caused by air tightness detection, waterproof detection, sealing detection accuracy. Such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, gas density, and other uncertainties.

                    4. In terms of hardware, core components such as sensors are imported, and undergo strict quality inspection and secondary development.

                    5, the fuselage shell, made of aluminum alloy.

                    6, with a very small internal space, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the airtightness detection to the utmost, and the necessary conditions for the airtightness detection of small products (headphones, USB interfaces, relays, bracelets, etc.). For small leaks, the test can be completed in only 5 seconds.

                    7, barcode scanning function (barcode, two-dimensional code), host computer function, printing function, automatic calibration function. It can effectively manage statistical product air tightness test data. Easy to query and monitor.

                    8, integrated positive and negative pressure detection method

                    The main application areas of the Hili SLA series (multi-channel air tightness testing equipment):

                    Automotive industry: car lamp waterproof test, engine parts air tightness test, car camera air tightness test, charging pile waterproof detection, charging gun waterproof detection.

                    Battery industry: Lithium battery case welding line gas tightness test, sealing test of terminal and outer casing, battery pack sealing test, etc.

                    Home appliance industry: coffee machines, juicers, blenders, kettles and other products with air tightness testing requirements.

                    Smart wear: smart bracelet waterproof detection, watch waterproof detection, underwater alarm seal detection.

                    Electronic consumption: sports audio, Bluetooth speakers, hair remover, electric brush, electric bath head, mobile phone waterproof detection, etc.

                    Military products: waterproof testing of walkie-talkies, hand-held walkie-talkies, car-mounted walkie-talkies, three-proof mobile phones, etc.

                    Valve pipe: valve air tightness, pipe permeability, joint sealing test, etc.


                    Multi-channel airtightness detectormodelSLA

                    levelIndustrial level

                    Test portTwo, four, custom type

                    test methodDirect pressure air tightness detector
                    sensorSelection range-80~800kpa

                    Pressure modeIntegrated positive and negative pressure

                    Pressure regulationAutomatic adjustment / manual adjustment

                    Pressure adjustment range-50kpa~1Mpa

                    Pressure regulation accuracy士 0.05%FS

                    Pressure repeatability士 0.1%FS


                    Test unitpa,kpa
                    TimeTime range


                    Time resolution0.1S

                    Number of programs32 sets of test programs, each set of programs is set independently

                    data storageCan store the latest 100,000 sets of test data, plug in the U disk to export test data
                    I/O interface8 input/8 output

                    power supplyExternal 240V power supply
                    data analysisStatistical AnalysisThe instrument performs the following statistics on the test product data: the total number of airtightness tests, the number of passes, and the number of unqualified
                    Test process controlStage time displayReal-time display of status and time for each test phase
                    Instrument settingsparameter settingsTest pressure upper and lower limit setting; test each stage time setting; leakage value upper and lower limit setting; leakage compensation setting
                    Equipment materialweightaround 9.5 Kg
                    Shell materialAluminum alloy
                    softwareOptionalThe host computer software can perform test data transmission, data analysis and other functions with the instrument.
                    AccessoriesBarcode scanningBar code, QR code (optional)
                    SizeUnit: mm335*305*265

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